The World Game - Geography Game
The World Game - Geography Game
The world card game geography countries
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The World Game

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✅ Improves general knowledge
✅ Helps with map orientation
Recommended by Teachers and Homeschooling specialists.
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Give your children a head start in life and unlock their potential. Start teaching them about geography with "The Best-Selling Geography game in 2020." 


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    Everyone wins from what they learn.

    For first game with an 8 and 11 year old, I took out only the 22 North America cards. We played with 7 cards each. Before starting, I did a quick overview - how many continents are there? Can you name them (Oceania was less well known than Australia as continent name) ? How many countries (wow - LOTS)? Then looked at the 4 facts on each card, pointing out what M (million) and K (thousand) meant. Looked over the map. They were ready for the entire set by the end of the first small game. We briefly looked at a map of the world that showed the names of all the countries. Biggest take away for 8 year old - how really tiny countries can have enormous populations. If I move to using the challenge facts, I'll start small again - beginning with North America. Their mother told me that night they couldn't stop talking about the game. Everyone wins from what they learn.

    A bargain at £50!

    This game is so much fun...sometimes my 7 and 9 year old + my husband and I play it for hours. Best game we've purchased in a while and we play a LOT of card and board games. Without it the "lockdown" would be terrible!

    Good, fun learning tool -- just add your own tweaks!

    Our family recently purchased The World Game. This review reflects us (three adults) having played it several times. We'd say it's fun in a learning-is-fun kind of way. The cards are well made, and included with the set is a map of the world of good, sturdy paper. One of the nice things about the game is that you can modify play in a variety of ways. The rules as provided, while fine, need not limit how you want to approach learning about other countries. For instance, we initially began playing with a mix of cards representing countries from all over the globe...pretty challenging unless you're already good at geography, which we are not (yet)! So instead, we'll work on countries one continent at a time. But that's just one example of how you can do your own thing. Also, we've noticed that the game's creator listens to suggestions from players. He fulfilled the wish of one online commenter by sending a pdf of countries in alphabetical order with their corresponding numerical designation on the game's map. We got that list when we purchased the game. And actually, we made our own list too, arranging the countries in numerical order so we can immediately find the name of any country on the map. Another addition we intend to make on our spreadsheet is primary languages spoken (data we will obtain through our own research). So, obviously, there are lots of ways you can expand on The World Game if you like. It is a cool little learning tool.

    The geography flashcard set I was looking for

    First, the product is solid. Great design, well-crafted, and sturdy. The cards themselves are durable and high quality, and the foldable map insert is designed well. Second, the game itself is fun and made such that you can play a 5 minute game or for hours. I've played it with my 9-year old nephew and my parents. You can make it as competitive as you want. But as a geography trivia nut, you don't need anyone else to play the game to enjoy it. The flash cards are just fun to flip through and quiz yourself. It's a great learning device and fits the bill as exactly what I was looking for.

    Fun learning tool

    I’m a huge geography nerd and wanted to try this game out to see if it could challenge me, and I absolutely loved it! It’s a great study and learning tool if you really want to refine your geography skill. The game itself is quite fun and I loved that you could play with pretty much anyone regardless of how good they were at geography with the use of game styles that can be altered per person, for example my gf is not good at geography so I would only ask her what continent the country was at, inversely I’m good at countries but am not so good at capital cities. Like this we had a very fair game where I was beat. Liked it a lot and would recommend it especially as a learning tool for geography teachers and professors. I would also say that they should have an expansion pack for physical geography and such, which would make the game even more challenging!