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The World Game is so much more than just a card game. Besides being one of the most sold geography games on Amazon, it shows its quality by being fun, exciting and educational at the same time. It is a reward winning game enjoyed by more than 10,000 people worldwide. 



WHY? The World Game


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We all live in this big world of ours, travel constantly and hear about what is happening around the world on the news. But how many people can show at least 20 countries on the map? How many people can't even point out the right continent. Why not become more knowledgeable while having fun? While playing a game? That is why The World Game, the ultimate geography game with the whole world in one box was made. To have fun while learning something useful and be more aware about the shear scale of our lovely planet.



WHO? Are we ...


We are a small company of just two people who enjoy to travel, experience new things and learn in fun new ways. Playing this game with our friends and kids, gives us immense joy. The smiles and shocked faces, when people learn something new is just priceless to us. The World Game is so dear to us, because we know that collectively, we are making the world a smarter place, by human interaction and by having a good time.



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